ARMED! featured on Build 2012 site

We are honored to have ARMED! featured on Microsoft’s site for the upcoming Build 2012 developer conference and Windows 8 event. It’s great to see the guy up there in such esteemed company… Autodesk, WordPress, Kindle, Wikipedia. We’re all very excited about having ARMED! included in the Windows 8 launch.



  1. Edwin Says:

    Congrats guys!!! Great game!

  2. Sue Says:


    I have played this game on a friends Windows 8 tablet and LOVE it!! Can you make a version that is compatible with XP and Windows 7? Any thoughts in that direction?


  3. Damian Says:

    Hi I played your game on a friends windows tablet and loved it. Do you think it would be possible if you made it compatible with android users? Thanks!

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