Stardew Valley Out Now On Consoles!

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve wrapped up the Playstation 4 and Xbox One ports of ConcernedApe and Chucklefish Games‘ wildly popular indie farming simulation and it’s now out on both stores!


  1. J Says:

    Any idea of when there will be a patch out for stardew valley? Stuck on last day of year one, can’t save, sure you already know about that tho.

  2. Sasherrrz Says:

    Why not try fixing the bug where none of the artisan products are selling in the box and just vanish.. Don’t know if it’s happening on XBOX1 but it’s happening on ps4 and it’s a joke.

  3. DrWhite Says:

    Why u don’t make a French Traduction ?!

  4. nathanial Says:

    Please add touch controls to switch edition. having a touchscreen with this game would make the game absolutely perfect

  5. BitterBlaze Says:

    How’s the PS4 port for multiplayer going… a release date would be nice.

  6. CaptainPut Says:

    I love your work! I am looking forward to playing multiplayer Stardew Valley with my brother, online games are how we keep in touch. Any chance we will see the Multiplayer for PS4 in the next few months?


  7. Jay Says:

    Getting very irritated waiting on the multiplayer for Xbox One. When is it coming? PLEAASSEE??

  8. Anonymous Says:

    When is the ps4 update coming

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