Artists, Sickhead Games is Hiring!

Currently seeking a jack-of-all-trades game artist with strong rigging and character animation skills. Indies wear a lot of hats, and ideally we need a talented individual with good concepting, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation skills, who’s familiar with standard current-gen game art pipelines (mesh-to-normal map, building modular animation, etc). Must be comfortable working in 3DS Max, Zbrush, and Photoshop.

For more information, please see the listing and apply on LinkedIn.

Torque 3D is released!

Garage Games announced this week that Torque 3D has been released! Sickhead Games is one of the satellite teams that has been diligently contributing tech, tools, and demos to this release over the last year. Congrats to GG and Torque users… the best Torque engine to date is here!


The team will be off to Austin next week for the 2009 Austin Game Developers Conference.

If you want to meet up and talk drop us an email or look for us around the GarageGames booth where we’ll be talking about our work in Torque 3D.

See you at GDC 2009…

The entire Sickhead Games crew will be in attendance at the 2009 Game Developers Conference this year.  Be sure to stop by the Garage Games booth on the Expo Floor to see some great new tech we’ve been contributing to Torque 3D, and have a go at our lush “South Pacific” demo.  Tom will be at the booth giving a brief presentation at 2:00 pm on Thursday, discussing the demo and showing off our new Torque Forest Kit technology.

SG Contributing to Next Torque Release

The Sickhead team is currently working feverishly on tools and tech for the next version of Torque 3D (formerly TGEA), the flagship 3D gaming engine from Garage Games. Expected to be released later this year, T3D will be packed with some amazing, long awaited features and improvements. Follow Brett Seyler’s development blogs on the Garage Games site for details. Some very exciting stuff happening!

BtD Pods Are Here…

We briefly had some Be the Dinosaur pods in the office recently for testing. Check out the Flickr set for more photos.

AI Postmortem

As part of finishing up the first phase of Be The Dinosaur, James took the time to write up a postmortem specifically on the dino AI.  It’s a bit technical, but if you’re vaguely familiar with AI programming it should be easy to follow.  You can find the post and the PDF over on his GG plan.


Branding Redesign

A few things have changed around here recently, namely the new company branding and site. The product pages and employee bios have been expanded, so go learn more about Sickhead Games now.  Bear with us as we get a few wrinkles ironed out.

Also, here is some video from the current “Be the Dinosaur” project, in museums now:

We’re hiring!

Sickhead is looking to add another programmer to work on site with us here in our Dallas, Texas office. If you’re interested please check out our ad and drop us a line. We’re hoping to fill this position quickly as we have a lot of cool projects coming up!